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Our workshop designs and produces various styles of solid oak and elm tables. We can develop an exclusive design for you or create a customized table made of solid wood on request. Each table is handcrafted in the best traditions of carpentry at the high-tech full-cycle production of our own.We use natural wood slabs grown in Belarus and the Caucasus and exclusively eco-friendly safe materials for processing. Our workshop is located in the Republic of Belarus (a country bordering Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine), in an ecologically clean space close to Minsk. The production is eco-friendly: the electricity for the machines and tools is generated from the personal solar panels on the roof of the workshop and from the power grid in case there is not enough.
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 Natural wood
Only natural materials
Natural wood
Oak, elm
Only dry slabs of oak and mountain elm from the ecologically clean regions of the Caucasus and Belarus are used in the worksop. Each array of wood is carefully selected and pases quality control. read more
Steel, brass, copper
We offer a wide range of different types of metal for the table base: black steel (any color of powder or polymer paint is possible), stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium. read more
Epoxy resin
Epoxy resin
We use the highest quality polymer resin with a safe composition and excellent characteristics. Our epoxy coating does not scratch, fade or change its shape or features over time. We can give any color and any transparency. Also you can add a luminophore if desired. read more
Manual production. Online payment. Free worldwide delivery
OAK-TABLE Mainpage