Only natural


OAK-TABLE Materials
Natural wood

We only use dry oak slabs and mountain elm from environmentally pristine districts of Caucasus and Belarus in our workshop. The process of slab drying takes a lot of time; special drying chambers are used, so all the slabs in the workshop are dry – with an appropriate level of humidity for woodworking. I personally select every slab, so the products are of the highest quality. All the tables are only coated with a top coat of the highest quality (on the base of natural oils, oils mixed with hard wax and others) of famous brands. We use natural wood and work with inimitable texture; every pattern is unique, so you’ll have an exclusive product made with love…


During production of the table supports different metals are used: black steel (coated with powder or polymer paint of any colour), stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium. Also, depending on the style of the table, the table top may be incrusted with metal showing the name of the workshop, the surname of the manufacturer and the place of manufacture (method of incrustation with metal as on antique pianos, the material of the letters and the colour may be chosen from the listed above). 


Resin of the highest quality with perfect characteristics; it may be painted in different colour and the level of transparency can also be customized. Also, optionally luminophore may be added (the epoxy resin will glow in the dark with any chosen colour).