Classic oak and elm tables

A solid oak or elm table decorates any room. Exclusively made of natural wood slab according to personal project it emphasizes your taste and makes your interior unique.

Advantages and features of oak and elm tables

Oak is considered as one of the most difficult materials in the handling. Many craftsmen take it as a standard. For manufacturing of custom table we use an array of oak aged over two hundred years with clearly expressed and always unique texture.

Only dry slabs of grown in the Caucasus and Belarus oak and mountain elm are used in production. They stay in special drying chambers so all the slabs we use are always of optimal carpentry humidity. Each solid oak or elm is additionally checked and carefully selected that’s why we can guarantee the highest quality of any our solid wood table.

Oak and elm wood used for making our tables is resistant to moisture, rot and temperature which is especially important for kitchen and dining tables. In addition we treat the countertop with an eco-friendly finish that preserves the natural properties of wood and makes the wood table resistant to scratches, traces of dishes, coffee, tea, wine and food as well as UV radiation.

A high-quality solid oak table will serve you for decades while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic appearance and its natural features.

Custom production of oak and elm tables

We offer a choice of several samples taking into account your wishes and the characteristics of the room. You can choose together with our specialist every detail of your future craft table: from the base and the tone of the coating to the piece of a cut from which the countertop will be created. We can suggest more than 20 tinting options as well as color combinations for worktop processing. Any shape and size of countertop is available.

Each solid wood countertop is polished and sanded by hand as well as the cut is processed manually. On request we can make a hardwood table with a raw edge of the slab. Notice that additionally to the solid oak dining table, we can make for you an ocasional, coffee, toilet natural wood table as well as tables for offices, cafes and restaurants.

Complete production of one wood table takes about 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the sketch. We carry out a full production cycle as well as free delivery of a real oak table to any point worldwide.