Epoxy resin tables

OAK-TABLE Epoxy resin tables

River table or epoxy resin table is one the latest modern innovations in the production of furniture, which is rapidly gaining popularity among the customers. The worktop of such a table is made of several slabs of natural wood with a so-called living edge (a natural cut of wood), which are connected by a fill of epoxy (polyester) resin. Since each piece of cut wood has a unique shape and texture, any table made of epoxy becomes unique and one-of-a-kind in its design.

Custom production of epoxy resin tables

Manufacturing a wood and resin table with an epoxy coating is a rather laborious process that requires knowledge and professional skills in the production of countertops so that the epoxy coating turns out to be perfectly smooth and the coupling of resin and wood is strong enough. The choice of materials and production technology is another important factor. Therefore we pay a lot of attention to high-quality and professional equipment.

We use slabs of dried oak and mountain elm grown in eco-friendly areas of the Caucasus and Belarus for the production of the river resin tables. Each slab passes quality control according to a number of canons which ensures that your resin wood table will be made of the best wood and will last for decades.

Any size and shape of the countertop is possible: either round or square or rectangular. Occasional, coffee, toilet, computer and cafe epoxy wood tables can be made in addition to dining and kitchen tables.

High-quality resin is another important component of any epoxy table. We use a proven premium resin that is resistant to fading and all types of household contaminants. Any color and level of transparency is available to impart.

For the final coating of the countertop with epoxy resin premium compositions based on natural oils, oils with hard wax and other based on safe and natural components coatings are used. All coatings protect the countertop from scratches and exposure to high temperatures as well as traces of coffee, tea, wine or other liquids.

The cost of an epoxy resin wood table depends on the size, materials of the top and the base and is calculated for each client individually. To find out the cost of the river table of your dreams mail or call us.

The production time of the river table is 15 to 20 days due to the needs of complete solidification of the coating.

The base (legs) for the river table can be made of stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, steel coated with powder or polymer paint of any color.&nbsp

To order and purchase an epoxy resin table just call or mail us. We will help you to choose the sketch, size, shape and color of the table as well as the material of the subfloor and other details.

Delivery of the epoxy wood table is available worldwide. In Belarus it is free of charge within 2 days from the moment your order is fully complete.