The countertop made of slab with a raw edge or wane (a live or wild edge also) is one of the latest trends in the production of natural wood tables. The main feature of any natural edge table is its uniqueness due to the unrepeatable texture of each single slab.

Manufacturing a raw edge table

We select several slabs of wood to meet your requirements most precisely. From these options you choose the perfect slab that becomes the basis of your unique table. Then we consider the design and material of the base and start manufacturing the table.

We use slabs of oak and elm dried by special technology for production. Each slab passes mandatory quality control.

The key point in the production of a table with natural cut is its correct processing. The countertop is processed manually in our workshop. The specific technology used to process the live edge of the table and after it is covered with special finishing compositions so that all cracks and knots are sanded and sealed. The edge of the countertop remains alive while acquiring a complete form along with high strength and resistance necessary for the long life of your live edge dining table.

The finishing composition used to treat the countertop protects the wood from scratches and abrasions, temperature exposure, UV rays and moisture. Through this a raw edge table can remain in excellent condition for decades with proper care. Only natural compositions made of eco-friendly materials are used.

How to order a live edge wood table

It is enough to contact the workshop in any convenient way to order a dining table with natural wane. We will provide you with the choice of size and shape as well as the selection of materials. Also we can make a live edge table according to a ready-made design project of your own.

We deliver your table with natural edge free of charge to any point worldwide.